Coaches Notes


The Track and Cross Country Journal also welcomes certain papers classified as "Coaches Notes," such as favorite workouts, theory, best practices, advice, philosophy and other narratives from the coach. Brief comments and dialogue on previously published papers are also encouraged.

Track and Cross Country Journal

The Track and Cross Country Journal publishes research that contributes significantly to the knowledge base of the field as new information, reviews, substantiation or contradiction of previous findings, development of theory, or as application of new or improved techniques. The goals of the Track and Cross Country Journal are to provide a scholarly outlet for knowledge that : (a) contributes to track & field or cross country; (b) impacts theory and practice regarding track & field or cross country; (c) stimulates research; and (d) provides theoretical reviews and tutorials related to the study of track & field or cross country. Qualified reviewers in the appropriate disciplines review manuscripts deemed suitable. Authors are usually advised of the decision on their papers within 6 weeks.



To facilitate the review process, use APA format and double-spaced type in Microsoft Word. Papers should not exceed a total of 40 pages, including references, tables, and figures. Authors are responsible for checking each reference against the original source for accuracy.


Electronic submission of manuscripts is required. Please email manuscripts to the editor at The manuscript order is: (1) title page with author correspondence, (2) abstract, (3) text (including tables and figures) and (4) references.